Sefar AG


Hinterbissaustrasse 12
9410 Heiden – Switzerland

Phone: +41 71 898 57 00

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Sefar AG Group is a privately owned company founded in 1830 with head quarter in Heiden, AR, Switzerland. It is a world leader for monofilament precision fabric fabrication. Sefar serves a broad product portfolio spanning industrial fabric applications in the field of filtration, screen-printing, architecture (interior and exterior) and smart fabrics. In 2011, the group has had a turnover of over EUR 260mio and about 2000 employees world-widewhereas about 750 are employed in Switzerland. Sefar is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 as well as ISO TS 16949.


Sefar Inc. is a world leader for monofilament precision fabrics and for the fabrication of technical woven fabrics as well as for application and process specific support of our customers. In the field of electronic fabrics (electronic textiles) Sefar AG  focuses on heating applications, sensing applications and the use of woven fabrics as substrate for electrical circuits. The Sefar Group has launched the ‘Smart Fabrics’ group six years ago. Typical Smart fabric projects are in the field of heating and sensing applications. The Sefar Group regularly partners research projects with universities and other companies. Since beginning of 2009, the monofilament yarn manufacturer Monosuisse belongs to the Sefar Group. Sefar has produced woven fabrics for more than 180 years and has a deep insight into weavability of all different kind of yarns, ranging from monofilaments to multifilament and staple yarn. Sefar weaves diverse yarns (PA, PP, PET, PEEK, PVDF, PBT etc.) with diameters from 0.02 – 2 mm. Sefar AG possesses high competence in monofilament manufacturing, weaving, finishing and making-up on a mass production scale.


This competence leads to cutting edge filtration fabric and screen-printing fabric solutions in the market of healthcare, automotive, aerospace, mobile phones, appliances and the like. In the smart fabrics field, Sefar has built up competence in electrical interconnection technologies for electronic fabrics such as welding and soldering as well as in evaluating such connections. Meanwhile, Sefar serves the heating market, e.g. with heating fabrics in the healthcare field and the sensing market, e.g. with fabric temperature sensors for the EU project PROSPIE and with intrusion detection mesh.