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In the IMAT project  Nardini Press S.r.l. (Italy) will contribute in diverse  dissemination activities making the IMAT research available to the end users - conservators, conservation scientists, mangers or anyone in the field of conservation and preservation of cultural heritage assets throuout the European Union and beyond.


Nardini Editore publishing house was founded in Florence in 1970 by Bruno Nardini, a distinguished publisher, writer, essayist and poet who died in 1993, leaving behind a rich legacy of culture and ideas. Establishing itself initially in art publishing, children’s publications and essay writing, Nardini Editore has, over the years, made a name for itself as a high-quality publishing house, specialized in historical, technical and philosophical issues in the conservation of cultural heritage.


In addition to their art series, Nardini Editore is primarily interested in the subjects of restoration, historical and cultural research and the conservation of cultural heritage, all the while paying the utmost attention to the quality of their illustrated books. In recent years, Nardini broadened its horizons by dedicating itself to commercially and culturally important sectors such as the Italian and international traditions, tourism and sport. Most recently, Nardini has taken an interest in archaeology and music. All of this adds up to a catalogue of approximately 400 titles, with Nardini’s commitment to produce at least 30 new publications each year.


Since 1978, Nardini Editore has dedicated a large part of its activity to publications in the sector of restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. With over 70 titles published in this area, as well as videos, periodicals, magazines and special publications, Nardini has established a reputation as a leading player in Italy and throughout Europe. With the groundbreaking publication of the Teoria del Restauro by Umberto Baldini, Nardini committed itself to a cultural project and established itself as an important partner of the most prestigious public and private conservation institutes. Among the many art conservation publications, one may find the most significant themes, institutions and authors, who contribute to making this series the leading international collection of technical manuals, yearbooks, essays, research, publications and videos.


They are fundamental and invaluable materials for restorers, students and conservation professionals alike. Nardini also publishes several prestigious conservation periodicals. The conservation of cultural heritage is the core of the subject matter dealt with in these magazines. Among the titles are Kermes - la Rivista del Restauro, a leading magazine in its area (published every three months for the past 15 years), the “Kermes Quaderni” series and the Bollettino ICR (published twice yearly). This new periodical series of the prestigious “Bollettino” has been entrusted to Nardini by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the “Istituto Centrale per il Restauro” after decades of suspended publication.