Laura Amorosi



Laura Amorosi

Via del Moro 28               

Florence, Italy

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In the IMAT project Laura Amorosi in close collaboration with Veronica Balzani ) are responsible for the field testing of the IMAT techonolgy.  During the project Laura Amorosi studio will test IMAt prototypes in diverse actual conservation treatments and her studio will  serve as a Florentine hub to disseminate IMAT technology making it available to other conservators.


Laura Amorosi studio is a prestigious restoration firm working with the Sovrintendenze in Florence and Siena, as well as private sector collectors.


Among the most prestigious recent conservation commissions are treatments of the “Santo Papa”, by the workshop of the De’ Donati, Palazzo Davanzati, Florence, and the “Annunciation”, by Marttino di Bartolomeo, Museo di Palazzo Corboli ad Asciano, Siena, and the Polyptych, by Naddo Ceccarelli, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena, the “Madonna coi Simboli della Passione”, by Alessanro Allori, recently acquired by the Museo degli Uffizi, Florence, the “Principino defunto”, by Giusto Suttermans, new acquisition by the Medici Chapels, Florence, the “Maria di Cleofe”, recent acquisition by the Museo del Bargello, Florence, and other works by Annibale Carracci Maestro del 1346, Verrocchio, Sofonisba Anguissola, Brescianino, Polidoro da Caravaggio, Sansovino, Giovan Battista Moroni, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Pompeo Batoni, Primo Conti, Francesco Colacicchi, Thayaht.


The company also distinguishes itself for its frequent collaborations with the most highly regarded conservation studios in Florence, lending her high degree of professional experience and up to date technological knowledge to treatments of Italy’s most significant works, such as those by Duccio di Buoinsegna, Piero del Pollaiolo, Taddeo Gaddi. In the project it will serve as a center in Florence for prototype field testing. In particular, in the IMAT project the studio will serve as a Florentine “center” for the field testing phase of the Project, using her vast knowledge of local resources and contacts to involve field testers from professional conservation studios, training programs, and institutes in Florence. In particular, her advanced knowledge and capabilities in diagnostic documentation of artworks will be an invaluable resource in the documentation of case studies for the final report of the Project. Laura Amorosi is a member of the IIC- Gruppo Italiano, and of Cesmar 7.